SOLAS qualification for Glasgow Cashroom Assistant

Congratulations to our Glasgow cash room assistant Chloe Tennant, who obtained her SOLAS (The Society of Law Accountants in Scotland) qualification in October.

Chloe studied the SOLAS-run course at Strathclyde University, taking evening classes for one year. This covered three modules: Cash room accounting, Executries and Feeing. Chloe passed all the modules obtaining distinction in Cash room accounting and Feeing and attended her graduation ceremony on Wednesday 25th October.

Chloe says:

“I wanted to do the course as I felt it was a great opportunity to increase my knowledge in cash room accounting and believed it would be a positive step in my career. It now means I am member of a professional body and have gained a deeper understanding of my role as a cash room assistant.

“Gildeas have been fantastic, nominating me for the course to begin with and they were always there to provide support throughout.”