Being a Claims Handler at Gildeas: Aaron’s Experience

Aaron Stephen ~ Claims Handler

1. Could you please kindly introduce yourself?

My name is Aaron and I am 26 years old from rural Aberdeenshire.  I graduated university in 2019 with an honours degree in Law and Business as a fresh faced young adult ready to start a career.

2. How long have you been working at Gildeas for and what role/s did you cover?

I began working at Gildeas in 2020 during the pandemic. I was hired as an FRU Administrator and Gildeas made it clear from the start of my employment that they had ambitions for me to progress within the company and rightly believed I should learn the ropes of the industry and company in the FRU department before progressing. I worked in FRU for two and half years before moving to a Claims Handler position this year.

3. Can you provide an overview of your position and responsibilities as a Claims Handler?

As a Claims Handler I am now my clients’ port of call for all their questions and needs from them signing their initial forms to them receiving their settlement cheque. I make sure our client’s injuries are treated (where applicable) and fully investigated to make sure their injuries are investigated thoroughly and accurately in order to achieve the best and fairest settlement and make sure their recovery goes as well as possible.

4. How would you describe the working environment at Gildeas?

The working environment at Gildeas has been one that I have very much enjoyed, we are very much a team and work together. We always make time for one another regardless of which department we are in and help each other wherever we can.

5. Why did you choose to transition from the FRU department to the claims handling team at Gildeas, and what skills or knowledge do you bring to this new role?

I have always been career driven and ambitious. When Gildeas advised me they shared the same vision for my progression at the company as I did, I knew I would work hard and be the best that I could be in any role I was given. My responsibilities in FRU allowed me to see all aspects of a claim, the processes and niches involved which has made my transition to a Claims Handler much easier as my foundations for adding to my skillset were already strong.

6. How has your experience as a Caims Handler been so far?

I am very much enjoying my new role as a Claims Handler so far. I like knowing I am making a difference to our clients during an often stressful and emotional time as well as taking away some of the hassle that dealing with insurance claims can cause. I am also enjoying the problem-solving aspect of the role as every claim is different and unique circumstances can arise at any time which keeps the role fresh and allows me to learn new things.

7. What would you say is the best part of being an employee at Gildeas?

The best thing about working at Gildeas is definitely the variety of work with no day feeling the same as the day before. I am also looking forward to our staff Christmas night that was already booked in July.

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