Biker seriously injured in a road traffic accident because of negligent driver

Road Traffic Accident

Overview of the case

Our client was injured when a car driver who was not looking pulled out into her path while she was on her motorbike in North-East Scotland. Despite the fact the police suggested our client should have paid more attention to the car coming on the major city road and the police not saying the car driver was entirely to blame we argued the car driver was fully at fault. The insurers of the car also tried to suggest some of the blame for the accident should be shouldered by our client but again this was knocked back by Gildeas.

Injuries sustained by the client

Our client had been travelling below the applicable speed limit when the car pulled out into her path, she collided with the car and fell to the ground. Despite her wearing full protective kit she sustained life changing injuries.

Her head hit the ground and she sustained a traumatic brain injury, she also bit through her tongue and suffered injuries to her hands. Our was a trained chef who taught at a local college. How could she demonstrate how to use a knife to her students with hand and wrist injuries? How could she taste their food when she had bitten through her tongue and cause permanent damage to it?

The outcome of the case

Fortunately for our client, her insurers suggested Gildeas could assist her in putting her life back together after the road traffic accident. Gildeas investigated all of her injuries, both physical and mental.

After attending for various examinations Gildeas were in a position to provide tailored advice to her in terms of what her losses were and what we had to recover on her behalf to allow her to move on. A court action was raised and following lengthy discussions and negotiations with the other side an offer of more than £250,000 was secured. Given the initial offer made was £100.000 this is a significant increase on what was initially offered by the other side before a court action was raised and was almost double the offer made initially by the solicitors for her insurers.

Our client is very grateful to Gildeas for the advice you received and guidance. Whenever she was worried about something she knew she could call and receive an explanation as to why something was happening or not as the case may be.

Comment from the client:

Stephen Hay, thank you so much for representing me after life-changing injuries in a bike crash due to other’s negligence. Thorough professionalism, patience, toleration & understanding was received on every level, keeping me fully informed throughout. Everything explained accurately, briefly & clearly simplifying it for me to understand on many occasions. You knocked it out of the park! I wish yourself Stephen, Fergus Thomson (advocate) & everyone at team Gildeas all the very best, as first class solicitors to professionally deal with from start to finish.

Director Stephen Hay says:

“This case was complex, she was injured just before lockdown, her treatment options on the NHS were limited given the stresses experienced by the NHS from March 2020 onwards. There was also the issue of considering but for the accident what would our client have done? There was a significant mental injury element to the claim. She loved to be on her motorbike. She used it daily to get to and from work. Her confidence was severely knocked because she lost her independence, her ability to do things and with lockdown she felt unable to leave her home. We worked with her and with our partners to arrange for treatment, both physical and mental. When we were ready, we were able to discuss what the future would hold for our client, what she would need and what she would be able to do before approaching the other side to discuss what they would need to pay. At all times our client was engaged and part of the process and I am delighted that she is now able to put this accident behind her and move on with her life.”

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