”Listen out for bogus cold callers”

By Colin Ferguson, Director

If you have been involved in an accident recently then you may find you have been contacted by third parties making promises that sound very attractive.

They may say something like “there is money waiting for you” or “you’ve been selected for our fast-track service”. They may say they can settle your claim by a certain date. They may also say they have been instructed by your insurance company.

Promises and statements like these should make you suspicious and it is important to recognise these bogus callers, whose intention is to coerce you into claiming with them and ultimately taking a significant cut of your settlement. If a cold caller says something which sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

The digital age has undoubtedly made it easier to do business, but with opportunity comes risk and there are many ways that individuals and organisations can obtain your personal information without your knowledge or approval.

Do not be afraid to challenge cold callers and ask “Who are you?” or “How did you get my details?”.

If you are ever in any doubt who is responsible for dealing with the uninsured aspects of your claim such as injury or loss of earnings then you should contact your insurance company who will be able to clarify this for you.

Our clients place a great deal of trust in us when they provide personal information which enables us to facilitate a claim on their behalf. By working together there are various measures we can take to ensure your personal information is protected and that you get the settlement you are entitled to.  

For example, at Gildeas we advise clients to provide a password for their file when a claim commences. Anyone calling from Gildeas in relation to your claim will have access to this password and be able to quote it back to you. The password only applies to the uninsured aspect of your claim and is not made available to your insurance company, vehicle repairer, car hire company or any other third party.

Companies that cold call and make promises about your claim often take up to 30% of your settlement for themselves. In high value claims this can amount to tens of thousands of pounds so being vigilant could have a huge impact on your circumstances following an accident.

If you have been involved in an accident recently then Gildeas can help by providing legal advice, supporting you through your rehabilitation and pursuing a claim for personal injury and other losses – get in touch today to find out more.

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