Empowering Excellence: My Experience at Gildeas

I have been a Solicitor at Gildeas for nearly two years and this has been an incredible journey for me. As an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, my passion for this field stems from a core belief in helping others. I firmly believe that we all have only one life, and one opportunity, so it is invaluable to offer assistance to those in need. This mindset transfers to my clients, as I strive to make them feel important and heard. The satisfaction of knowing that my work has made a positive impact keeps me motivated and dedicated to my clients.

How would you describe Gildeas’ culture?

Gildeas stands out for its unique culture, which is characterised by respect, trust, recognition, and encouragement. These values foster a sense of empowerment among employees, motivating them to excel in their roles. Every individual at Gildeas shares a common goal of making a difference, which creates a strong sense of purpose and unity within the organisation.

Being part of a very competent Team at Gildeas has enhanced my professional journey. The team I work with possesses diverse skillsets and extensive experience, allowing us to provide our clients with the highest standards of service.  The Team is the sum of its parts and performs extremely well through unity and common goals.  Under the leadership of the director Colin Ferguson, who is also an incredibly competent Solicitor, our department thrives in a collaborative environment which naturally engenders success.   

Looking back on your time at Gildeas, what accomplishments are you most proud of?

One of the aspects I highly value at Gildeas is the freedom and encouragement given to pursue personal and professional growth. The company promotes the importance of networking and provided me ample opportunities to expand my horizons. The focus on development enabled me to stay at the forefront of my field, continually improving my skills and knowledge.

At Gildeas, I have had the privilege of being involved in the growth and development of Trainee Solicitors. Assisting them in achieving their potential and surpassing their goals as Solicitors has been a fulfilling experience. Working closely with the board, I have seen first-hand the commitment to nurturing talent and fostering an environment where everyone can thrive and achieve their goals.

How does Gildeas approach client relationship and communication?

Gildeas goes above and beyond to ensure that the Client journey is as smooth as possible. We take time to understand our clients, acknowledging their needs, and concerns; an accident is after all an emotive journey for the Client.  By providing a service that is tailored to each individual client, we create a fusion between the client and the firm. This approach not only strengthens our relationships with Clients, but also leads to their satisfaction and positive recommendations.  Clients recommend Gildeas to friends and family members for a reason, that reason being in a crowded market, Gildeas places their clients front and foremost and as such stands head and shoulders above competitors. 

-Alastair Cameron