Slavery Policy

Slavery Policy and human trafficking statement


This slavery policy statement has been published in accordance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It also sets out the steps taken by the Company and the rest of its group companies during the year. This aims to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in its supply chains and or in any part of its business.

Structure, Business and Supply Chain

The Company currently has 4 directors and operates from three offices located in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  The company employs around 70 members of staff and invests in staff training in the form of recognised qualifications and continual professional development.

Clients increasingly use and rely on the Company for legal advice and services.

Due to the nature of the Company’s businesses, its supply chain is limited and it operates with only a small number of suppliers.

Policies in relation to Slavery and Human Trafficking

Gildeas respects human rights and the integrity of individuals and complies with all relevant laws in the way it runs its business.

We have in place a whistleblowing policy which encourages employees to report any malpractice or illegal acts. these include suspicion of modern slavery, or omissions or matters of similar concern by other employees. Others could be former employees, contractors, suppliers, partners or advisers using a prescribed reporting procedure.

We are also committed to conducting business ethically and lawfully and this includes ensuring, as far as possible, that any third parties who act for the Company share this commitment.

The Company’s “Working with Third Parties” policy is in place to help to identify and mitigate risks associated with the third parties who may perform services for or on behalf of the Company. This includes undertaking due diligence in potential acquisition situations.

Due Diligence Processes

The Company is also currently updating its due diligence processes with partners which requests information from partners and third parties.

Partners are requested to provide their internal policies (including Modern Slavery policy/statement) and accounting information. If policies and/or accounting information is not adequate the Company will take appropriate action and if necessary, hold back on-boarding a partner until their systems and controls are satisfactory, or refuse to work with a partner altogether.


This statement was approved by the Board of Directors of the Company on 28 August 2018.


Gildeas Solicitors have offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh and specialise in personal injury cases, including road traffic accidents.

We go the extra mile for our clients by providing services such as roadside assistance, vehicle repairs, and hire vehicles.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. According to customer reviews , among civil law firms with over 200 reviews, we proudly hold the second highest rating in Glasgow. We currently have a stellar rating of 4.9 on Reviews Io and 4.7 on Google [July 2023]