Personal Injury Client says trust Gildeas

Trust Gildeas

Personal Injury Client says trust Gildeas

Four years ago, Craig worked as a welder fabricator, a physically intensive job. At only 31 years old, he suffered life changing injuries due a motorcycle accident that wasn’t his fault. We spoke to Craig about his case and how Gildeas were able to help him on the road to recovery.

“I was airlifted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital and after two days we met Stephen. Hereassured that everything was going to be taken care of.”

Craig’s wife, Rachel, says that after listening to Stephen speak about his previous experience with similar accidents it made them believe he was the right man for the job in handling their personal injury claim. Stephen was straight to the point and honest with both Craig and Rachel from the start and offered clarity about the process. This went from simplifying legal advice to making sure they both understood the complexity of Craig’s injuries.

Craig carries on to say that when something like this happens, you’re concerned about things such as money, especially as he was self – employed at the time. However, highlights that Stephen was there to ensure they never had to worry. Stephen consistently reminded Craig that his priority was to “heal and get better”.

“I trusted him right from the start. We genuinely felt like he had our best interest at heart. We also often felt like we were his only client because of the attention he paid to us.” 

They emphasized that there was never a time where they felt they were getting passed around or could not reach someone for questions or updates. “It became a safety net having someone that was so knowledgeable about everything and that always had recommendations”. Their family home before the accident was unfortunately not suitable for their new needs anymore. However, Stephen was able to help with getting them a new property.

Gildeas was also able to offer Craig a number of services to help him recover such as physiotherapy, which was booked 20 sessions at a time. Craig says they never seemed to run out because they would constantly be on supply and available to him. Even during covid Craig was able to maintain his healing through zoom sessions. “They really seemed to find the best people for me and even if I was struggling, I could get a massage instead or just talk to them and that helped lift my spirits.”

 Many people on the Brachial Plexus ward were impressed with Craig’s determination to get better.

“My claim handler was able to help me set up my own home gym as a way to tackle gyms being shut during covid as due to my injury I need to keep up constantly with exercise.”

He also has a very supportive PT who researched the injury. He from the start was able to create a personalised plan that would ensure he was able to work in a way that wouldn’t hurt him. There were also psychiatric services to try to help his mental health. “We always felt in control as Gildeas were there to give advice and recommendations, this support continued even after the claim had ended.”

Rachel was the one to initially deal with Gildeas while Craig was in the hospital but she was also worried about the health of other family members at the time Stephen reassured her that it would all be okay. This allowed her to cut her hours and make sure she was taking care of the people close to her. He was patient with information necessary for the claim and allowed them space when they needed it.

Stephen would often ask what Craig was struggling with in his home life due to his injuries and would look to answers by finding gadgets that could help; from a tin opener to a powered body dryer. Rachel explains the injury as: “Having your dominant hand tied behind your back and having to learn how to do everything again.” They both continue by saying that there are things out there that could help you wouldn’t even imagine or consider before being in that position.

The couple found that there can often be a stigma around motorcycle accidents and reiterate that they really appreciated there was never any judgement from Stephen as he reassured them what happened wasn’t Craig’s fault.

“We felt we were being taken seriously, his experience was invaluable, Stephen gave us security and a future.”

They both also mention that people need to be more educated about road safety involving motorbikes and make sure that everyone is always aware of their surroundings.

“Our advice to anyone else would be to trust the process especially as sometimes things can seem far- fetched and a long way down the line. One of the best things about the service was that there was never an overwhelming amount of information or empty promises made – it was always one step at a time and there was a helping hand guiding us throughout. I have friends that are bikers and there’s only one number I would call if they needed help and it would be Gildeas.”

“Trust Gildeas and trust the process because it works, they’ll give you the best advice you could possibly get.”

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