Pothole Damage: How to Claim and Get Assistance from Gildeas

Pothole Damage

Potholes are a common issue on roads, causing damage to vehicles and posing a threat to road safety. If you’ve ever fallen victim to a pothole and suffered damage to your vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation.

In this blog post, we will explore the steps to follow when making a claim for pothole
damage and how Gildeas can assist you in the process.

1.      Assess the Damage: After encountering a pothole, it’s crucial to assess the damage to
your vehicle. Look for visible signs such as tire punctures, wheel rim damage,
misalignment, suspension issues, or any other noticeable problems. Take
photographs or videos of the damage as evidence, including the pothole itself,
if possible.

2.      Gather Evidence: To support your claim, gather as much evidence as you can. This includes:

a. Location and Time: Note down the exact location, including the name of the road, nearest landmarks, and the date and time of the incident.

b. Witness Statements: If there were any witnesses to the incident, collect their contact information and request a brief statement describing what they saw.

c. Reporting: Report the pothole to the local authorities, such as the local council or highways agency, and keep a record of your complaint.

3.      Document the Repair Process: Once your claim is approved, proceed with the vehicle repairs at a reputable garage or repair shop. Ensure you keep all receipts, invoices, and any additional documentation related to the repair work. These documents will serve as proof of the expenses incurred due to the pothole damage.

4.      Initiate a Claim: Submit your claim to the responsible authority, typically the local council or highways agency, responsible for maintaining the road where the pothole was located. Include all the evidence gathered, such as photographs, witness statements, and repair receipts. Follow their guidelines for submitting a claim and provide any additional information they require.

5.   Seeking Legal Assistance from Gildeas: Navigating the claims process can be complex and    time-consuming. This is where Gildeas can provide valuable assistance. As experienced personal injury solicitors, Gildeas specialises in handling road-related claims, including pothole damage. We can offer expert advice, gather evidence on your behalf, and represent your interests in negotiations or legal proceedings.

Experiencing pothole damage can be frustrating, but it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your rights and seek compensation. By carefully assessing the damage, gathering evidence, contacting your insurance company, and initiating a claim with the responsible authority, you increase your chances of a successful outcome. And if you require expert guidance and legal assistance, Gildeas is there to support you every step of the way.

Remember, road maintenance is the responsibility of the authorities, and you have the right to seek compensation for the damages caused by their negligence. Contact Gildeas today to receive professional advice and ensure your pothole damage claim is handled efficiently and effectively.

Source: https://www.theaa.com/breakdown-cover/advice/pothole-damage-how-to-claim

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