Medical negligence

Medical negligence occurs when it can be proved that a medical professional’s behaviour has been negligent and resulted in injury or an existing condition deteriorating.

Medical negligence can be a consequence of poor advice, misdiagnosis, failed surgical procedures and malpractice. Gildeas has supported clients who have suffered as a result of medical negligence in areas including cancer diagnosis and treatment, dental treatment and pregnancy.

If you feel that you may have suffered as a result of medical negligence then it’s important to seek specialist legal advice. At Gildeas we understand that medical negligence can have devastating consequences for individuals and families, and our priority is to ensure you get both the support and the compensation you need.

Once you have completed the form on this page, we will contact you to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

In the initial stages of a claim Gildeas can offer general advice, arrange for the necessary medical reports to be carried out and make an assessment of your prospects. If you decide to go ahead with a compensation claim then we will work with you to build a strong case.

We will take into account the impact that the treatment has had on your health, your livelihood and any future care requirements that need to be considered when assessing how much compensation you should be entitled to.

Medical negligence claims which do not proceed to litigation must be settled within three years of when the negligent behaviour is alleged to have taken place, so you should seek legal advice as early as possible.

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