Winter Cycling Tips

Warm, Safe and Visible – winter cycling tips

Winter Cycling Tips
Winter Cycling

When winter rolls around, the dark nights and cold mornings are enough to put all but the hardiest cyclists off the daily commute. However, using your bike through the winter months doesn’t need to be difficult with a little planning and the right gear. Here are some handy tips on how to make sure you are warm, safe and visible this winter;


Although wearing a helmet is not a legal requirement, it should be considered an essential item all year round, not just in winter. A waterproof jacket and gloves are essential items to ensure you are comfortable enough to concentrate on your surroundings and arrive at your destination safely. You can also consider waterproof trousers and overshoes on those particularly awful days. For safety you should wear hi-viz reflective clothing, especially if you are on the road while its dark.


During the winter months a large portion of your time will be spent riding in the dark. The brighter you make yourself, the safer you’ll be. It is a legal requirement to have lights on your bike, and there is an abundance of choices available to help you to see, and be seen on darker roads. Not only should you consider lights for your bike, but fitting lights to your backpack and helmet will also make you more visible to other road users. It is advisable to carry extra lights or batteries in case of emergencies.

Be Safe

Wet and wintery conditions mean the roads will be littered with debris which could play havoc with your equipment. To ensure that your bike stays in good working order keep it clean and have it serviced regularly. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, your local bike shop will be happy to assist and will also provide you with recommendations on how to ensure you are running to the right equipment to conquer the conditions.
Fitting mudguards will help keep the muck off and wider, winter tyres with added grip and protection will help you avoid punctures.

Remember to stay alert and sensible in the conditions, if it’s too dangerous to cycle then don’t. If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident, contact us on 0141 331 6071.

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