Work experience with Gildeas: Aela’s story

I completed my undergraduate degree in Scots and English LLB at the University of Strathclyde and then completed the Diploma at the same university.

Strathclyde is well known for its very practical experience and one of the modules that was available was the Work Based Learning module. This involved working within a firm of solicitors to gain practical experience in a legal setting. I thought this sounded like an extremely beneficial opportunity and I was offered a place at Gildeas Solicitors.

My experience with Gildeas

Over the three months that I have been at Gildeas, I have truly felt an improvement in my understanding of the law, and the practical tasks that are involved within Personal Injury. Every week my mentor Alastair Cameron, would assign tasks to be completed, and would then review the work and how it could be improved. I have truly felt that the firm has valued the work I carried out, with Alastair undertaking training days with myself and other students.

I was assigned various tasks including drafting, Statements of claim and valuations of claim. It was very rewarding to get such positive feedback from Alastair and to then be able to upload my work to the casefile. This made me realise how rewarding the work I have carried out at the firm is, and knowing that I have helped in a small way has helped me to gain confidence in the work that I carry out.

I have also developed my ability to handle clients in addition to phoning and conducting an interview with witnesses. This felt like a lot of responsibility, and I was grateful that my mentor and the firm trusted me enough to complete this task.

Gildeas has truly been a rewarding experience, the knowledge and skills that I have developed through the practical tasks are something I do not think I would have developed this early, if I had not picked the Work Based Learning module.

I would truly recommend Gildeas for work experience.


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