Working as an FRU Administrator at Gildeas: A Rewarding Experience

Working as an FRU Administrator at Gildeas: A Rewarding Experience

Lewis Spears – FRU Administrator

1. Hi Lewis, When did you start working at Gildeas?

I Started working for Gildeas on 15/11/2021 but it doesn’t feel that long!

2. What is the work environment like at Gildeas?

We are a small team in FRU where we have a fast-paced, close-knit environment that encourages collaboration. We have regular company-wide events such as meals and going bowling, which helps put faces to names you normally see in emails, but also allows everyone to get to know each other in less formal environments helping us all work together (and it is lots of fun). I am also a big fan of Pizza days!

3. Can you provide an overview of your position and responsibilities within the firm?

I work in Gildeas’ FRU Department and we are where our clients first make contact with Gildeas , so we try to make the best first impression possible. We collect details about the type of accident our client has been involved in (we deal with road traffic accidents, accidents at work as well as public liability cases and even medical negligence ) and arrange for the correct paperwork to be issued, so we can start acting on our clients behalf.

4. How is it working at Gildeas as an FRU Administrator?

Working in FRU is great! no 2 days are ever the same which keeps things interesting. Of course when it is very busy it’s a challenge, but its also very rewarding to be able to reassure our clients and let them know they have someone on their side that will help them secure the compensation they deserve after what can often be a traumatic experience.

5. What are the most notable advantages of being employed at Gildeas?

Although the previously mentioned pizza days are a fantastic advantage I think the knowledge I have gained about the industry and the people in my team have been the best part so far.

Gildeas Solicitors have offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh and specialise in personal injury cases, including road traffic accidents.

We go the extra mile for our clients by providing services such as roadside assistance, vehicle repairs, and hire vehicles.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. According to customer reviews , among civil law firms with over 200 reviews, we proudly hold the second highest rating in Glasgow. We currently have a stellar rating of 4.9 on Reviews Io and 4.7 on Google [May 2023].