Gildeas director provides career advice

Gildeas Director Lindsay Hare visited Lesmahagow High School recently to help students with their CVs and interview skills.

The ‘mock interview’ event is aimed at helping senior students prepare for life after school when they are seeking employment or a further education place.

Lindsay received CVs from a number of pupils in advance before meeting each of them individually to discuss which opportunities they would like to pursue when they leave school, and how they can improve their prospects.

Gildeas Director Lindsay Hare

Lindsay said: “I’ve been taking part in this event for a few years now and the students certainly seem to get a lot out of it. My role is basically to help them identify the positives from their education and background, work these into their CV and talk about themselves and their attributes confidently when they are faced with an interview situation.

“It’s also an opportunity for Gildeas to give something back to the community by providing a link between education and industry.”

Other organisations involved in the event included a range of local and national businesses in different sectors.

Gildeas is a Scottish law firm which specialises in personal injury claims and medical neglience. The company has offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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